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General Civil Litigation

NELSON LAW OFFICE represents individuals and business organizations in a variety of civil matters, including property disputes, breach of contract, trade secret violations, unfair business practices, and administrative law matters.

Our firm insists on providing personalized attention to each client, setting our firm apart. We do not hesitate to resolve public and private legal disputes through the courts. However, our attorneys vigorously explore alternative dispute resolution methods, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

We aim to accomplish our clients' goals by resolving disagreements, compelling adherence to contracts, deterring others from future actions, and obtaining economic restitution or retribution for a wrongdoing. If you are involved in or contemplating civil litigation, you need an experienced California attorney to protect your interests.

Whatever your legal issue may be, the attorneys at Nelson Law Office can immediately investigate your dispute, obtain and preserve evidence, and prepare your case for trial.  Contact our Los Angeles office for a free case inquiry.

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